Welcome to the homepage of Seal Pointcats*PL Cattery!
I run a small breeding of the marvelous and beautiful Himalayans together with my family.
We live and work in Vienna, the capital of Austria,
but we have left our hearts in Cracow,
a beautiful city in southern Poland - our hometown.
The cattery is registred in FIFe, in the Polish club Felis Posnania.
All our cats are PKD DN negative and free from the diseases FeLV, FIV and FIP.
The Himalayans has always been our big love and passion
therefore we keep doing everything for living with cats
from the best and the most valuable bloodlines from American, Russian and European breeders.
In this place I would like to express my thanks to the following breeders:

* Sheila Costa - Don Scandal * U.S.
* Elena Kudinova - L'Symphony * RU
* Maria Teresa Palumpo - Precious Paws * IT

We are full of hope you will like our homepage and return to us again and again! :-)
Yours sincerly
Ewa Chachlowska

Ewa Chachlowska